Mindful Millenial

This is the first 8 - week mindfulness training of this year. During these 8 - weeks you will learn the different techniques of mindfulness mediation. At the same time you will learn about dealing with things that are common among students and young professionals such as stress, fear of missing out or insecurity in the job market.


The reason why I am offering this course is because I believe the benefits of Mindfulness should be accessible to everyone. The market price for this course is around the 300 and 600 euros, which I can't afford as a student or young professional and know others can't either. That is why I am offering it for less than half of the market price and I will be sharing all material with you included in that price. 


Week 1 - Introduction to Mindfulness

Week 2 - Simply Becoming Aware | Body Scan

Week 3 - Attention and our Brain|Sitting Meditation

Week 4 - Stress|Reacting vs Responding | 1Minute


Week 5 - Difficult Emotions | Physical Pain

Week 6 - Mindfulness and Communication

Week 7 - Mindfulness and Compassion

Week 8 - Closure | Developing own Practice


Location and Rates 

Maujha is located in Rotterdam at The Student Hotel Rotterdam which has a beautiful serene oasis in the midst of the chaotic city. It is only 10 minutes by public transport or bike from Erasmus University and a 5 minute walk from Blaak.


€4̶5̶ €18,-. per session*

* there is a total of 8 sessions

PACKAGE 1 - Student Package 

Features: adjusted curriculum for the 21st century students with relevant themes. Also, meditation methods suited for and linked to studying.

€7̶5̶ €40,-. per session per person*

* there is a total of 8 sessions

PACKAGE 2 - Corporate Package 

Features: adjusted curriculum for young professionals discussing themes that are relevant for the work place. Also, meditation methods suitable for in office as well as out of office


In the training you have access to all learning material that is needed for the course. Also, the sessions are held in classroom settings but mats and cushions are provided for those who wish to use them.

Tea | Water | Coffee

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel maximum two weeks before the course starts. However, you do have to pay 25 euro cancellation fee. If you wish to cancel less than two weeks prior or during the course, the full price will be charged.

How to prepare for your workshop

Before we start our first mindfulness workshop I would like to ask you to simply think about why you want to do this and what you hope to get out of this 8 - week course. That’'s it! Looking forward to meeting you and getting on that board to start surfing those thoughts and emotions.


Hoogstraat 27A, 3011 PD Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tel: +316 28 60 14 34, Email: connect@maujha.com

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