During a surfing trip in Australia, I managed to catch exactly zero waves in an hour of trying. I started to resent the ocean, the waves, surfing, and even myself for being so incompetent. Right before I wanted to take my defeat and paddle back to the shore I saw one more set of waves approaching and thought let me give it one last try. Believe it or not I managed to catch thé perfect wave and surf it all the way to the shore. 

Afterwards I realized how powerful our mind is. In less than five minutes my entire perspective on the water, the waves, and myself changed even though in reality it did not. This is when I found out how much we and the ocean are alike. Just like the ocean has good and bad waves so do we have good and bad emotions and thoughts, but they do not change anything about who we are in essence. Just like those waves do not change the ocean. 

This moment inspired me to start Maujha and to teach others how to surf the waves of emotion and thought instead of being taken over by them. 

Are you ready to get on the board?

Sabrina Jammy



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